26,000 Trees of Music

Reforestation is urgent, so we’re very happy that our partners in Brazil are moving faster than their schedule. The employees at Instituto Verde Brasil have been hard at work, and there are now 26,000 saplings growing and 24,000 bags of soil waiting for more pernambuco seeds.

Thanks to our corporate partner David Harber Ltd for their generous support whose contributions mean that 750 saplings will be planted every month over the course of a year.

We are also grateful to everyone who donated to Trees of Music which has meant that Marco Raposo’s nursery now has thousands of saplings that will become trees. Half of these will be harvested for sustainable violin bows and half will help to regenerate the Atlantic Forest, of which 93% has now disappeared.

RAIN will work to distribute the saplings to local farmers and provide training on how to plant and care for the trees, employing principles of agroforestry and creating a legacy of sustainability for future generations.

We can only do this vital work with your help, and even a small donation makes a big difference. You can help Marco achieve his vision of planting 50,000 saplings by donating to our Crowdfunder.