The tree that gives voice to the strings is facing extinction

Help plant 50,000 pernambuco trees
Together we can safeguard the future of this unique tree and the music it gives life to

Join a growing community of performers and music lovers dedicated to keeping the tree of music growing
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Master bowmaker Marco Raposo in his sapling nursery
For centuries, one tree has made the best bows: pernambuco
93% of its native biome in Brazil has been lost to deforestation
Trees of Music is empowering local farmers to regenerate pernambuco and its ecosystem, and inviting music lovers to support them

Orchestrating change

Our community of musicians invite you to join them in creative support of this project. Enjoy performances, screenings and discussions live and online. Discover the rich and complex history of our relationship with the pernambuco tree and its native Brazilian landscape.

Misha Mullov-Abbado

Composer, arranger and bass

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Nathan Waks


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Madeleine Mitchell


Darryl Kubian

Composer, theremin and violin

Ben Comeau

Composer, piano and organ

When the first concave bow was shaped from pernambuco wood in the eighteenth century, the forests of the Atlantic coast were teeming with life and sound. This region’s biodiversity is among the densest on the planet. In the remnants of a shrinking forest, the chorus continues. Can you add your voice?

Regenerate 150 springs in the Atlantic Forest

Support sustainable bow making in Brazil


Increasing awareness of the environmental impacts of the music we love


Connecting musicians around the world with creative opportunities that inspire change


Transforming the impacts of the classical music sector through creativity and reforestation

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