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The tree that gives voice to the strings is facing extinction

Deforestation in the Atlantic Forest has wreaked havoc on pernambuco trees, with 93% of the forest decimated. Many of the fragments that remain have been stripped of pernambuco by illegal logging for bows.

We are reconnecting with the forests that have sustained music, at a time when they desperately need our protection.

Red-handed howler monkey, Alouatta belzebub
Red-handed howler monkey

Pernambuco is part of a wholesome ecosystem

This iconic tree is endangered, along with many other species of the Atlantic Forest, such as the heart-tongue frog, 13 bird species and red-handed howler monkeys.

Pernambuco is an excellent species for carbon-capture and benefits other species. It provides shade for trees such as cacao and coffee, and has the ability to fix nitrogen that is shared with the ecosystem.

In the initial phase, our partners worked together to grow 50,000 pernambuco trees. They are grown from seed to sapling at the University of Espírito Santo, and distributed to Indigenous communities, farmers, urban restoration projects and schools, to be nurtured until they reach maturity.

We urgently need your help

We don’t have much time to save the Trees of Music, but we have all the tools and skills to make it happen.

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