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For a violinist, the bow is an essential partner to the violin – without a beautiful bow, a  violin will never sound at its best. No musician wants to make music at the expense of our environment so it is imperative that we find a way to ensure that nature and music continue to nourish and inspire us in a symbiotic way.

Our growing community of musician ambassadors invite you to join them in creative support of Trees of Music. Together we hope to save the Pernambuco tree which has given voice to countless melodies. If the Pernambuco perishes, the authentic voice of the strings may be lost forever. Become an ambassador and support the campaign by signing up to our mailing list and help us in restoring the forest that gives life to the Pernambuco tree and many other species. Help us to ensure that the strings continue to sing for future generations.

Through our collaborations with the classical music community, enjoy performances, screenings and discussions live and online, and discover the rich and complex history of our relationship with the Pernambuco tree and its native Brazilian landscape.

For more information or to find out how you can support our work, contact hello@treesofmusic.org


Misha Mullov-Abbado

Composer, arranger and bass

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Nathan Waks



Ben Comeau

Composer, piano and organ

Soloist James Barralet

James Barralet


In the remnants of a shrinking forest, the chorus continues. Can you add your voice?