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Trees of Music is spearheaded by master bowmaker Marco Raposo and is supported by RAIN (Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network), bringing together expertise that will help empower local farmers to replenish Pernambuco populations and ensure its survival for future generations.

Marco Raposo in sapling nursery

Through Trees of Music’s activity, we aim to cultivate both sustainable wood and a sustainable culture within the classical music community, while regenerating woodland and watersheds in the Atlantic Forest.


Marco has been planting Pernambuco for nearly 20 years since founding Instituto Verde Brasil in 2002. He has worked to produce hundreds of thousands of Pernambuco trees and other native species, while working with Brazilian institutions to develop techniques to grow, monitor and restore tree populations. Thanks to Trees of Music’s successful first phase of fundraising, Marco’s nursery is now home to thousands of Pernambuco saplings, being planted and tended to by the employees of the Instituto Verde Brazil.

Through RAIN’s agroforestry expertise and work with local communities and farmers, we aim to plant 50,000 Pernambuco trees in Espirito Santo, Brazil over the next two years. Half of these trees will be used for sustainable bow making, while 50% will be used for reforesting degraded springs and regenerating 30 hectares of Atlantic Forest biome, with broader long-term benefits for biodiversity, climate change and community resilience.

Bow making

RAIN will train 70 farmers to care for the trees, generating sustainable income for rural communities for generations to come and work with Marco to research best practices in agroforestry systems that will benefit trees and microbiomes across multiple regions into the future.

In order for us to continue this vital work and to save the Trees of Music, we need your help.

Everyone can play a part.
Join us in saving the Trees of Music.

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