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Embarking on a mission to preserve a legacy, the Trees of Music initiative has successfully distributed over 50,000 saplings. The Pernambuco tree, a cornerstone of classical music culture, faces the threat of extinction. Our next phase intensifies efforts to protect these vital ecosystems. Collaborating with Brazilian scientists and restoration experts, we aim to combat rampant development and strategically plant saplings. Our goal is not just to save a species but to preserve a rich cultural heritage.

Soloist James Barralet
James Barralet

James Barralet’s story is a testament to enduring strength and fervent passion. Trained in a conservatory as a cellist, he faced a significant setback when severe tinnitus interrupted his musical career, leading him into a period of hardship. It was Bach’s moving compositions that offered him solace, inspiring him to perform as a street musician and rekindle his musical spirit. Despite the challenges, his unyielding talent shone through, capturing the interest of a local classical music promoter. This pivotal moment marked his triumphant return to the classical music scene. Now, James not only shares his music on the streets but also fills church halls with the profound sounds of Bach, all while actively supporting the Trees of Music initiative.


We invite you to join this harmonious crusade. Lend your talents to echo the cause in concert halls or streets, resonating the urgency to save the Pernambuco trees. Your music can be the voice for nature’s preservation

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