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the Noke Koi Fire Song

The tree that gives voice to the strings is facing extinction.

The Pernambuco tree, used for centuries to create violin bows, is critically endangered. Deforestation in the Atlantic Forest has wreaked havoc on Pernambuco populations, with 93% of the forest now lost and fewer than 2,000 Pernambuco trees left in the wild.

Pernambuco wood gives the violin its distinctive sound and has given rise to innumerable melodies, but if urgent action is not taken, this will be lost. 

Trees of Music seeks to reestablish our connection with the forests that provide us with so much, at a time when they desperately need us to give something back. 

Master bow maker Marco Raposo is collaborating with community-led agroforestry specialists RAIN to empower local farmers in Espírito Santo, Brazil, in regenerating the Pernambuco tree and its ecosystem by planting 50,000 saplings.

Everyone can play a part.

Join us in planting the Trees of Music.


Increasing awareness of the environmental impacts of the music we love


Connecting musicians around the world with creative opportunities that inspire change


Transforming the impacts of the classical music sector through creativity and reforestation

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